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Ultimate Guide to Mudguards for Commercial Vehicles

The primary function of vehicle mudguards is to protect the vehicle from debris which gets thrown into the air as a result of the rotating tires. Due to the larger size of commercial vehicles, the amount of debris is also large, and this can pose a number of potential risks to safety. It is important to purchase the right type of mudguard for your vehicle so that it can provide the best protection possible. In this article we'll help you to understand why mudguards are important for commercial vehicles, the different types of mudguards available, and which ones will best suit specific purposes.

Are mudguards necessary?

You might be wondering if mudguards are necessary for your vehicle. If you are the owner of a commercial vehicle, the answer is most definitely yes. Mudguards are great for spray suppression; they're not only designed to protect vehicles from the dirt of the road, but they play a crucial role in maintaining visibility and ensuring that drivers of large commercial vehicles do not have their vision obscured, as this could lead to very dangerous situations.

Mudguards help keep commercial vehicles and its components clean by preventing the accumulation of dirt particulates, which in turn reduces wear and tear across the body of the vehicles. Mudguards can also protect vehicles from rust by limiting exposure to water and slush, especially in regions where roads are treated with salt to melt ice and snow. Rust is likely to occur when metal surfaces are consistently wet, and so mudguards play an especially important role during the winter season.

What do commercial vehicles have to gain from mudguards?

Commercial Vehicles like HGVS, lorries and trucks often represent a company’s brand, and so it would be in the company’s best interest to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of their vehicle to as a high a standard as possible because this can contribute to creating a positive brand image and impression.

The functionality of commercial vehicles depends on durability and longevity, both of which can be directly helped by mudguards preventing the accumulation of mud and debris over time. This means that less repairs and replacement of parts are needed to be carried out, which means less expenses for the company. Furthermore, large commercial vehicles hold a lot of responsibility when it comes to road safety because their size means they pose a large threat. Mudguards and mudflaps reduces the incidence of accident by obscured vision and particulates hitting the nearby vehicles and alarming drivers.

What type of mudguard do I need?

Mudguards come in a range of sizes to suit a range of commercial vehicles. In order to determine the right size mudguard for your vehicle, it is important to consider the following factors:

1.Tire Width

Measure the width of your tires and ensure that they fall within the recommended range for the mudguard you are considering buying otherwise coverage will be ineffective. This means that while the majority of debris may be deflected, splashes may still escape and affect the condition of the vehicle and visibility while driving.


Different mudguards are designed for different types of coverage. If you often drive your vehicle through harsh conditions, i.e., roads that are prone to water damage and mud spray, you may need to choose mudguards that offer full coverage as opposed to partial or minimal coverage.

Some mudguards come with additional mudflaps that extend downward from the bottom edge of the mudguard and provides coverage towards the back of the tires, preventing the spray of debris from being thrown backwards towards incoming drivers and vehicles.

Albert Jagger’s Kompleet Kombi, Kompleet Komma and Kompleet Mudguards have options with an integrated mudflap. However, this is not the case for all mudguards so it is important that you don’t forget to individually purchase mudflaps for your vehicle.

3.Compatibility and Mounting Options

Different mudguards come with different mounting options, it is important to ensure that the mudguard you select is compatible with your intended purpose for it. The Kompleet Kombi Mudguards, for instance, come with adjustable brackets and so can be used for more than one vehicle with different tire dimensions.  

Looking to find mudguards for your commercial vehicle/s?

You can browse our range of commercial vehicle mudguards here. If you find yourself wanting more information about mudguards, whether that be about the best size for your vehicle, the most convenient design or simply to discuss whether mudguards are a necessary solution to your needs, get in touch on our contact page and a member of our team will be happy to assist in any way they can.

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