What the Eck®?

Eck® (Electrolysis, Corrosion Kontrol) is a protective coating designed to prevent corrosion of dissimilar metals. By creating a barrier, it keeps moisture out, and absorbs natural corrosive energy.

Toobee or not Toobee?

Toobee is a patented, all in one mudguard wing stay that revolutionises the industry with its weld-free construction and unparalleled reliability.

Commercial Vehicle Parts & Fittings

Albert Jagger is the UK's leading manufacturer and distributer of Commercial Vehicle Parts and Fittings since 1887, providing top-quality products and excellent service. View our huge range of automotive products, covering everything from health and safety to lighting and electrical fittings.

Telescopic Drawer Slides 

We are delighted to announce the release of our new range of Telescopic Drawer Slides from our new partnership with Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc!

Ramping up innovation with Safe Assist

Safe Assist is a new concept that eliminates the physical strain of opening and closing ramp doors. The fully concealed design also removes the need for dangerous cables and torsion springs.

All spinning, all rotating CentaFlow

CentaFlow™ is a range of wind-powered ventilators, requiring no electrical connections resulting in zero additional running costs whilst providing reliable, maintenance-free performance.

CentaGuard™ Fall Arrest System

CentaGuard™ is an effective solution to fall protection. Designed for integration with trailer bodies to protect operatives when loading and unloading vehicles.

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