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The Eck® Coating Solution for Corrosion Protection

Is your vehicle prone to electrolysis corrosion?

Patented since 1998, Eck® (Electrolysis, Corrosion Kontrol) is a protective coating designed to prevent corrosion of dissimilar metals. By creating a barrier, it keeps moisture out, and absorbs natural corrosive energy.

Eck® is a petroleum-based, dielectric, and zinc-rich solution designed to prevent galvanic corrosion, magnesium chloride corrosion, calcium chloride corrosion, rust, and fastener seizing. It creates a barrier between two metals, such as aluminium and stainless steel, preventing a process called electrolysis occurring, also known as galvanic corrosion. Eck® never fully dries, creating a seal that effectively keeps moisture away.

Why is corrosion prevention crucial?

Is corrosion shortening your equipment’s lifespan, or causing operational issues? A study from The University of Edinburgh estimated that corrosion and wear, cost the UK economy approximately £80 billion each year.

Metal corrodes when it reacts with another substance such as metal, water, or even dirt.  Corrosion poses a problem across all industries, from manufacturing equipment to commercial vehicles. Machinery or vehicles exposed to harsh conditions deteriorate rapidly as metal corrodes, presenting a costly problem.

Eck® provides the ultimate corrosion solution, eliminating the need for barrier tapes, coated hardware, or spacers and washers. It offers a superior protective coating suitable for painted surfaces. By working as a dielectric grease, it can also be used with electrical connectors. Rigorously tested both in the field and in labs, Eck passed a 4,000-hour test.

As simple as 1,2, 3

1. Creates a barrier between metals
2. Absorbs natural corrosive energy
3. Seals out moisture

Eck® is available in squeeze tubes and aerosols, view the range here. If you wish to find out more about corrosion prevention, get in touch today on 01922 471 000 or email us at [email protected].

Source: School of Chemistry (2017) Corrosion and Wear Study Funded | School of Chemistry

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