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What is spray suppression and why is it important?

What is spray suppression?

Spray suppression is simply the use of equipment, such as mudflaps and mudguards, to reduce the amount of road spray when using your vehicle. But why exactly is it so important, and is it worth the investment?

Why is it important?

There are many useful properties of spray suppression equipment that absolutely make it a great investment. The first and perhaps the most obvious benefit is that other road users will be far less likely to experience loss of vision as a result of spray from your vehicle. Additionally, spray suppression will help to prevent pedestrians within close proximity of your vehicle from being hit by gravel and debris. These two benefits contribute to the increased safety of you and those around you while you’re driving.

Spray suppression equipment is also very useful for keeping your vehicle clean, reducing the amount of times you’ll need to get your vehicle washed, as well as preventing the paint on your vehicle from being damaged. These benefits mean there’s a good chance you’ll be saving both time and money later down the line.

Suppression of road spray is especially important in snowy and rainy climates where spray tends to be more of a problem – and as we all know, we’re particularly prone to this type of weather here in the UK!

So, yes – all in all, spray suppression equipment is definitely worth the investment, particularly here at Albert Jagger where you’ll receive excellent quality for money.

What products will I need to ensure the best spray suppression?

Here at Albert Jagger we offer an array of spray suppression equipment, many of which come from strategic partner LAGO, a family-owned company with 60+ years experience manufacturing a range of products.

We have LAGO mudguards available in many different shapes and sizes, while offering application-specific options to help you find the best option for the requirements of your vehicle. Our available options include:

  • Kompleet Kombi Mudguards - Available in multiple different sizes with options for either an integrated mudflap or no mudflap. The Kompleet Kombi Tipper is also available, providing a solution specific to Tipper Trailers. Each have a simple assembly and scratch resistant propriety surfaces.
  • Kompleet Komma Vertical Mudguards – With options for integrated or non-integrated mudflap and many sizes available, Kompleet Komma Vertical Mudguards are semi-trailer mudguards each with integrated wind proof hinge, scratch resistance and quick mounting.
  • Kompleet Mudguards – Available with and without integrated mudflap and available in multiple sizes, featuring anti-spray and adjustable bracket, designed for reliability as well as simple mounting and assembly.
  • Conventional Mudguards – These Conventional Mudguards are suitable for every application and feature a black UV stabilized polypropylene copolymer with a scratch resistant proprietary surface. Available in many sizes.
  • Single Wheel Mudguard – Chemical resistant and UV stable with a black polyethylene surface.
  • Flat Top Mudguards – These mudguards feature a flat top and are made from a polypropylene copolymer which is black UV stabilized and scratch resistant.
  • Quarter Mudguards – Featuring the Wheelmate Quarter Mudguard with black UV stabilized polypropylene copolymer with scratch resistance, as well as the Wheelmate Pro which also features adjustable non-slip fixing eyelits.
  • Mudguard Wing Stays – LAGO mudguard wing stays are available in straight or cranked, with options for round flange or square flange. Wind stay end caps also available.
  • Mudguard Accessories – A variety of useful accessories for your mudguards, including: wing stay brackets, fastening kits, wing saddle brackets, fitting kits, tube clamps, and even holders for your brooms, shovels and ladders!

Discover also our mudflaps available in two different types:

  • Rubber Mudflaps – Our rubber mudflaps, available in many different sizes, are made for ultimate durability by utilizing a moulded reinforced rubber compound material. Great for Horsebox, Truck, Agricultural, Dumper, Digger, Construction and Equipment applications.
  • Spray Suppression Mudflaps – These flaps, available in an extensive range of sizes, are specifically catered to providing the best spray suppression. Featuring the LAGO Spraybuster Suppression Flaps with scratch resistant proprietary surface and approved homologated anti-spray device, as well as our regular spray suppression mudflaps which utilise a lightweight polyethylene material which is chemical and UV stable.

Get in touch with Albert Jagger today to find out more about how we are able to help with finding an ideal spray suppression solution for you. You can either fill out our enquiry form on our contact page, or contact us by telephone at 01922 471 000, or via email at [email protected].

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