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What are gas springs and what are they used for?

What are gas springs and their benefits?

Gas springs, otherwise known as gas struts, store energy by using gas which is then compressed to create increased pressure. The sealed gas spring cylinder inside contains a piston which, when moved, causes the gas to compress and store potential energy, which is then released when the piston is released.

One of the great benefits of gas springs is that, unlike mechanical springs, they don’t require a power source, making them essential in a wide array of applications spanning various different industries, including Aerospace, Medical, Furniture, Industrial, and Marine.

What are they used for?

Their main application is to move objects, which is made simple and effective by using the ideal amount of force to create controlled movement; the amount of force is dependent on how much compressed gas is stored in the cylinder, as well as the size of the cylinder. This means they can be used in many different areas, from office chairs and cabinet doors, to medical equipment and heavy lifting in industrial applications.

Here at Albert Jagger, we supply gas springs from leading manufacturer Bansbach who has an excellent reputation for quality and more than 50 years of experience to boot. With the extensive knowledge we have shared as strategic partners over the years, we work together efficiently to deliver a quick and effective response to find the best gas spring for the specific application.

A variety of types to match the application

The gas springs we supply come in various types to best suit the requirements of the application.

Fixed Gas Springs utilise a predetermined force when manufactured, meaning they are ready to be used when delivered. This is a great option when the user knows the force required and wants to quickly install into their application. Here at Albert Jagger we supply fixed force gas struts in a wide range of different sizes and force options, giving a great freedom of choice to meet the requirements of the user.

Traction Gas Springs work differently to the other types of gas struts we have available; the rod inside the cylinder is instead initially in a relaxed position, the cylinder pulls the rod back. This means that, rather than providing a pushing force, they provide a pulling force, making them incredibly useful in applications where an object needs to be raised or pulled in a controlled manner so it is kept in its end position.

Pressure Adjustable Gas Struts are excellent in cases where the force required for the application is unknown. Through the gas strut pressure adjustment, the pressure can be modified to the level that is required in application. These adjustable gas springs are supplied by us in various different piston, cylinder and stroke sizes.

Lockable Gas Springs give the user the option to lock the piston rod at a certain position in its stroke, meaning the spring will then act completely rigidly; this can be done in both the push and pull direction. This type of gas strut is important when keeping the locked position is required for specific user needs, such as when considerable forces are influencing moveable construction parts.

We also have other types available in our full range which you can find by clicking here, including Aluminium and Stainless Steel Gas Springs, as well as connecting parts, dampers, guide columns, and more to ensure you have what you need to set up your gas spring as effectively as possible.

Why choose Albert Jagger?

With such an all-encompassing range available here at Albert Jagger, while also providing excellent quality and value for money, choosing us for gas struts is a simple decision!

If you would like further information regarding the gas struts we supply, or to see how we are able to assist you with your requirements, get in touch with us now by clicking here and filling out the enquiry form. Alternatively, you can contact us by telephone at 01922 471 000, or through email at [email protected].

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