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What are Fall Arrest Systems and How Do They Ensure Safety?

What is a Fall Arrest System?

A fall arrest system is a fundamental safety measure designed to protect individuals working at heights. This works by stopping the fall before the individual hits a surface (such as the ground or another structure).

At Albert Jagger, we recognise the critical role fall arrest systems have in preventing accidents and giving peace-of-mind when working with commercial vehicles such as dropside and tipper body vehicles. For this reason, we offer the high-quality CentaGuard Fall Arrest System, a fall protection solution which is easy to install and perfect for protecting operatives loading & unloading vehicles, with no specialist equipment required.

How Does a Fall Arrest System Work?

Fall arrest systems operate on the principle of protecting the user after falling, particularly those working in elevated environments, in order to prevent injuries. They stop the user from falling before they hit a surface or another structure.

Albert Jagger’s Ratchet Strap System provides 2 yellow cushion grip pull handles, enabling the user to more confidently navigate their tasks with additional support, as well as 2 folding access steps which provide a secure platform, contributing to stability during both ascent and descent.

It’s highly important to understand the inner workings of fall arrest systems so that they can be implemented effectively.

When Are Fall Arrest Systems Required?

Fall arrest systems are essential in any situation where the operative needs to work from a height, which can include loading and unloading vehicles, when working near a fragile surface, or if there is any risk of colliding with the ground or any surrounding structures. If any of these are applicable to your requirements, we highly recommend looking into a fall arrest solution.

Albert Jagger are committed to providing top-quality fall arrest systems for integration with dropside and trailer bodies. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of these systems, we are able to provide a fall arrest solution that maximises safety while complying with regulations.

For further information on how one of our fall arrest systems can help, get in touch today by filling out the enquiry form on our contact page, call us on 01922 471 000, or email at [email protected].

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