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Ventilation for Vans, Caravans & Trailers: 101 Guide

Why is ventilation important for vehicles?

Just as you need to keep your home ventilated, it is important to keep vehicles well ventilated too, both for the safety and comfort of passengers and the durability of the vehicle. Vehicles can get smelly, hot and stuffy if not ventilated properly, and moisture may build up. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep your vehicle well ventilated.

Ventilators help circulate air within the vehicle. This helps clear out smells and pollutants, ensuring your vehicle feels fresh, this is vital if you are using your vehicle to transport animals. Not only is it good for keeping them cool, it ensures there is sufficient airflow for them keeping them safe and healthy, and helps clear smells too.

Where do vehicle ventilators go?

Generally, ventilators will be fitting on the top of your vehicle, allowing air to flow out the top of your vehicle. However, different types of ventilators are placed in different positions; for example, Louvre vents are often placed near the wheel arch. Ventilators may even be installed on the floor of the vehicle

So now you know why a ventilator is needed, how do you pick the best ventilator for your vehicle? Here we will explore a range of different options available from Albert Jagger, experts in commercial vehicle parts and fittings. Our handy guide is designed to help you find the perfect ventilation solution.

Space constraints

Just like vehicles, ventilators come in a range of shapes and sizes. It is important to consider the type of vehicle you have, whether that be a Trailer, Van, Caravan or another vehicle, and consider any size constraints that could affect the ventilator. Additionally, the amount of available space in the vehicle is important as parts and clutter can hinder airflow.

The CentaFlow range is slimline and ideal for compact spaces, so if you have limited room for a ventilator, this is a great solution. Roof duct vents are slightly larger and are a great solution when there is more free space.

How do ventilators work?

Ventilators work through either active or passive ventilation. Passive ventilation may not work effectively if there is no wind, as it just relies on natural airflow, whereas active ventilation is powered by wind, therefore wind powered ventilation may be more effective. Active ventilation uses energy forces to circulate airflow. Wind powered ventilators are seen as active ventilation, as when they rotate they extract hot air out.

Wind powered rotary ventilators are active ventilators that rotate after being blown by the wind to help regulate airflow by bringing in fresh air and expelling air from the interior of the vehicle. These are easy to install and are perfect if you are searching for caravan or horsebox roof ventilators.

Performance expectations

There are a range of different ventilation systems with different capabilities and functions, so it is important to consider the performance expectations you have for your vehicle ventilator.

Louvre vent systems are grilles which are fitted to draw air in and extract air out. They are at their most effective if they are installed as a pair opposite one another.  Angling these vents helps to keep dirt and water from entering your vehicle.

Electric roof ventilation makes an ideal solution for refreshing the air in your vehicle all the time, not just when the vehicle is on the road. Electric ventilators can keep the air flowing, as opposed to relying on the wind to provide the fresh air. This can come in especially handy for vehicles used in transporting animals.

Large roof vents can even double up to be used as skylights, meaning they not only allow air into the vehicle but light as well, meaning it saves the need for installing windows. If left open, it provides constant ventilation, however it is important to consider the potential risks from the weather if left open.

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