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The Significance of Fuel Protection

The rise in fuel theft has posed significant challenges to the transport and logistics industry, necessitating an urgent focus on safeguarding valuable freight. In recent years, the surge in fuel-related crimes, especially theft from lorries, has emphasised the need for preventative measures within the sector.

Fuel theft from lorries and distribution centres have become more prevalent in recent years, leading The National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS) to include ‘Freight related fuel thefts’ in the Freight Crime UK database.

Determining an accurate assessment of the increase in fuel theft has proven challenging due to unreported incidents. However, NaVCIS has observed a concerning trend in fuel theft incidents within the UK. Data has shown a steady increase in reported cases from 239 in 2018, to 1,884 in 2022. These thefts include various methods, such as siphoning, industrial pump usage, tank drilling, and bulk fuel theft from storage tanks.

In 2004-2005, statistics from a sample located in Western Europe saw the quantity of diesel fuel subject to theft to be around 4%, with recent cases rising to 20%. Beyond the immediate loss of fuel, fuel thefts inflict hidden costs on businesses, including the downtime of fuel lorries, delayed deliveries, and potential penalties. These repercussions underscore the urgent need for robust preventative measures to protect valuable fuel recourses.

The Solution

Recognising the urgency of fuel protection, Albert Jagger offers innovative solutions to mitigate the risks associated with fuel theft. By working with LAGO GENESIS, we present anti-siphon devices that serve as a crucial deterrent against unauthorised access to fuel. These devices are specifically designed to prevent common fuel theft methods, such as siphoning and drilling.

LAGO GENESIS, with its patented technologies and extensive industry experience, stands out as a leader in mechanical and electronic anti-fuel theft devices. The dedicated and versatile product range can be seamlessly integrated across various industries and vehicles, offering unparalleled protection. By incorporating these devices into their fleets, businesses can significantly reduce the vulnerability of their assets to fuel-related crimes.

For more information on fuel protection and to take proactive steps against fuel theft, get in touch today by calling 01922 471 000, or email [email protected]. Safeguard your fuel resources with Albert Jagger and LAGO GENESIS, your partners in innovative and effective fuel protection solutions.

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