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Ramping up innovation with Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc

Leading industrial solution provider, Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc, recently debuted their latest, innovative trailer ramp.

Designed by Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc, Safe Assist is a new concept that eliminates the physical strain of opening and closing ramp doors. Unlike traditional ramp springs, Safe Assist is fully concealed to remove the need for dangerous cables and torsion springs. The revolutionary, lightweight ramp assist utilises an aluminium exterior for corrosion resistance.
An image of trailer ramp Safe Assist product
Typically used on trailers, torsion springs make the opening and closing of ramp doors difficult due to the initial force needed. With Safe Assist, the only required strength is of a single finger throughout the complete motion due to uniformed weight distribution.

An image of rear trailer door with Safe Assist fitted

With sole UK distribution, Albert Jagger is proud to introduce Safe Assist to the UK market, with suitability to a variety of applications. The patent pending system mitigates danger and damage to cargo or animals within the trailer and reduces vehicle downtime by removing the need for ramp door repairs.

Want to find out more?

If you want more information on the new Safe Assist system, get in touch today. You can either fill out our enquiry form on our contact page, or contact us by telephone at 01922 471 000, or via email at [email protected].

Find out how MIS Conversions completed the successful integration of Safe Assist on a beavertail vehicle here.


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