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Preventing Fuel Theft: A Guide for Truck Owners

In a time of rapidly increasing fuel costs, it is no surprise that fuel theft is on the rise in the UK. Not only does this highlight a need for preventative measures, but it also accentuates a gap in knowledge amongst drivers of all vehicles alike, but particularly significant in trucks.

Trucks are specifically targeted for their large fuel tank capacities and remote parking locations, facilitating undetected access with low volumes of surveillance in these areas.

In this article you will find out more about what preventative measures you can be taking, and how Albert Jagger can help in providing effective fuel tank theft protection devices to protect your valuable resources. 

Why do Preventative Measures Need to be Taken for Fuel Theft?

When attempting to explain the requirement to take anti-fuel theft preventative measures, it is important to understand just how simple it can be to steal fuel from a truck, or any vehicle. Some common methods of acquiring fuel include:

  • Siphoning – Using a hose or tube to siphon fuel directly out of the truck’s fuel tank. This is a relatively rapid and quiet way to steal large quantities of fuel undetected.
  • Fuel tank puncturing – Thieves may resort to drilling holes into the fuel tank of the truck in order to drain its contents, causing substantial damage to the vehicle. However, it provides quick access to the fuel. 
  • Tampering with fuel caps – If the truck’s fuel cap does not possess adequate protection, these can be manipulated or forced open. Once access is gained, thieves are then able to siphon the fuel.

Not only can this cause significant damage to vehicles and lead to financial losses, it also inflicts further hidden, detrimental costs on businesses. As a result of operational downtime, there can be major interruptions to scheduled deliveries, affecting the timely arrival of goods to destinations. Consequently, this can affect the reputation of the business or relationships with clients.

Furthermore, many businesses are contractually obligated to fulfil deliveries in a set time frame, and late deliveries can often be met with hefty fines or penalties.

What Can I Do?

Here at Albert Jagger, we believe in being proactive and taking preventative measures to protect your vehicles and your business. Therefore, we have provided the Top 4 safety measures that you could be taking to minimise the risk and potentially stop fuel theft from trucks.

Top 4 Safety Measures to Prevent Fuel Theft from Trucks

1. Secure parking practices

Consider choosing to park in secure parking facilities that are well lit, with substantial fencing or gated access control systems. This ultimately creates a more challenging method of access for potential thieves.

2. Report suspicious activity

Encourage drivers and all company staff to report any unusual behaviour or suspicious activity around parked vehicles, and to act promptly.

3. Install surveillance cameras

Strategically placing security cameras around truck parking facilities is a crucial anti-theft measure. Prominently displaying signage advertising their presence will further deflect potential thieves, and visible cameras will also act as a deterrent.

4. Remove external ladders

External ladders can be exploited by thieves to gain access to the fuel tank. Truck owners and businesses should routinely inspect the vehicle to ensure there are no external tools or equipment that could potentially aid in the thief gaining access to the fuel tank.

How Albert Jagger Can Help

Whilst your company and staff can implement measures to deter theft, Albert Jagger offers specialist equipment designed to effectively prevent unauthorised access to fuel tanks. Our extensive range of Fuel Protection Anti-Siphoning devices can cater for trucks, as well as a variety of other vehicles and HGV’s.

To further discuss any of the measures in this article, or to enquire about a particular anti-fuel theft device, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team. Protect your vehicles and your staff, and enquire today.

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