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Introducing SEENA 2.0 Underrun Protection for Enhanced Safety

What is rear underrun protection?

Rear underrun protection is a crucial feature in the automotive industry that ensures the highest possible safety in the event of an accident. By preventing smaller vehicles from going under the rear of a truck, it greatly enhances the safety and security for both the driver and other road users. With the launch of SEENA 2.0 from strategic partner LAGO, we are proud to offer an innovative solution that meets legal requirements while prioritising safety.

Introducing SEENA 2.0

SEENA 2.0 is a robust rear underrun protection system that excels in both functionality and ease of installation. Constructed from durable anodised aluminium, SEENA 2.0 offers exceptional strength and longevity, ensuring reliable protection for your vehicle.

The product is designed with different hole patterns to accommodate various rear solutions, allowing for versatility and compatibility with a wide range of vehicle types. By offering three versions and four standard lengths, we provide options that cater to different vehicle requirements and specifications. SEENA 2.0 also prioritises seamless integration with popular lighting brands, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Meeting Safety Standards

SEENA 2.0 is type approved according to ECE R58.03 when installed using the supporting elements and brackets specified in the homologation document here. Compliance with these standards mandates the use of precise bracket combinations during installation. By following the recommended installation guidelines, you can ensure that SEENA 2.0 meets the necessary safety requirements and provides optimal protection.

Upgrade your vehicles with SEENA 2.0 and drive with confidence. For more information regarding rear underrun protection systems, enquire online today, or call us on 01922 471 000, or via email at [email protected]

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