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Embracing the Future: We Support T-Levels

At Albert Jagger, we believe in investing in the next generation of skilled professionals. That’s why we’re working with Walsall College to provide a 45-day industry placement for a student enrolled on the Maintenance, Installation and Repair for Engineering and Manufacturing T-Level course.

What is a T-Level?

T-Levels are a new qualification designed for students aged 16-19, offering an educational equivalent to three A-levels while providing valuable hands-on experience in the workplace. They focus on developing a combination of knowledge, attitudes, and practical skills directly relevant to the workplace.

Eager to learn and immerse themselves in the world of engineering and manufacturing, our student began their initial two-week block placement with us by spending time in each department. This allowed them to gain a holistic understanding of the business function. Following this, they worked closely with the engineering team, shadowing experienced professionals, and actively participated in hands-on tasks within our factory, Albert Jagger Engineering.

Why is it important to offer students placements?

The benefits of embracing T-Levels are manifold. Our collaboration with Walsall College exemplifies our commitment to nurturing young talent and bridging the gap between education and industry.

Supporting T-Levels isn’t just about giving back to the community, it’s also a strategic investment in our company’s future. For companies like ours, offering placements to T-Level students enables us to scout and nurture some of the brightest, young talents entering the market.

At Albert Jagger, we are proud to support initiatives like T-Levels that not only benefit individual students, but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of our industry. As we continue to embrace the future, we remain committed to investing in the next generation.


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