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As well as working with our own in-house design and manufacturing teams to develop new hardware and components, Albert Jagger works with some of the biggest suppliers in the world of components and fittings. By working with our strategic partners, we can offer our customers one the biggest product portfolios in the industry.

As one of the worldwide industry leaders in trim and seal solutions, Trim-Lok has the expertise in the trim and seal industry, supplying thousands of products to household brands around the world.

At Albert Jagger, we recognise quality when we see it, which is why we continually work with Trim-Lok to provide our customers with trim and seal products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

The brilliance of Trim-Lok products is that they can be used in a wide variety of industries to ensure that all trim and seals are sealed correctly in almost any environment. From agriculture and emergency services to quarry equipment, aerospace and much more, Trim-Lok products are relied upon every day in critical areas.

We have partnered with Trim-Lok to offer our customers an ever-growing range of the highest quality products to help our customers save time and money in their long-term operations.

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