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With over 10,000 products across all of our ranges of commercial vehicle fittings, Albert Jagger will have the right products for you. The versatility and flexibility of our operations mean that our products are used in a multitude of applications from commercial vehicles through to military aircraft.

With over 130 years of experience supplying commercial vehicle hardware, Albert Jagger’s relationship with the Bus and Coach sectors spans over three centuries. From working with early coachbuilders, we have continued to innovate our products through the decades and we remain to be at the forefront of the bus and coach supply chain.

Over the decades of our history with buses and coaches, we have developed a deep understanding of the industry and we have over 10,000 products suited for interior and exterior use.

We have developed our own products and work with our strategic partners to supply our customers with the highest quality parts that exceed their expectations. We have a wide range of products from hinges to window fittings and locks and latches, that inspires our customers to innovate in new areas.

The flexibility and practicality of our product range mean that they are suitable for single deck buses, double deckers, coaches and minibuses. In an industry where there is a long-life expectancy of vehicles, it is important that all the components of the vehicle live up to the task.

We only supply our customers with products that live up to the Albert Jagger name, our customers receive reassuring peace of mind when they choose our vehicle hardware.

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