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Understanding underrun protection and why it’s important

Rear underrun protection systems (also known as RUPDs) are vital components that prevent smaller vehicles from becoming trapped underneath trucks or trailers during collisions. By fitting underrun protection, the safety and security for both the driver and other road users are enhanced, reducing the risk of injuries and fatalities. In the event of a collision, RUPDs are designed to absorb the impact, reducing the severity of damage to the smaller vehicle.

What are the legal requirements?

Road safety regulations are constantly evolving, and the installation of underrun protection systems is a legal requirement in many countries, including the UK. Governed by strict international regulations, underrun protection is regulated by UNECE Regulation 58, which mandates that these systems must withstand higher forces and have lower ground clearance. Failure to comply can lead to fines, and other serious consequences for business owners.

Working with AG Bracey Ltd

We worked with AG Bracey Ltd to fit SEENA to one of their dropside vehicles. AG Bracey Ltd has a history of building commercial vehicles since the early 1970’s, taking great pride in combining modern designs with traditional values.

SEENA is a robust range of aluminium underrun protection systems from our strategic partner LAGO. Designed to accommodate various rear solutions, SEENA systems are available in three designs and four standard lengths. They cater to different vehicle requirements and specifications, from C-section designs to lighting and number plate integration. SEENA systems are type approved according to regulation UNECE R58.03 when installed using the appropriate supporting elements and brackets. *

Looking to fit an underrun protection system to your vehicle? For more information, call us on 01922 471 000, or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, browse the range here today.

* Compliance requires that precise bracket combinations be included in the installation.

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