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The Ultimate Guide to Truck Toolboxes

Why get a toolbox for your truck?

Toolboxes are a perfect solution to keep all your essential tools in one convenient place. They’re great for organising tools and equipment stopping items getting lost or cluttering up the interior of your vehicle.  They can also help to free up space in your truck, allowing room for larger equipment and materials to fit in the back. Truck toolboxes helps you stay organised, allowing you to save time, safeguard your equipment, and conserve space.

If you’re searching for a toolbox for a truck, read on to learn how to find your ideal truck toolbox, as well as answers to common questions regarding truck toolboxes including how to lock them, if they’re waterproof, and if they’re protective.

How to lock a truck toolbox

We all know how important it is to keep your tools secure and how frequently toolboxes in vans, and trucks are targeted by thieves, so ensuring your tools are safe and secure is vital for your peace of mind, as well as keeping all essential equipment safe and secure. It is important to be aware that different toolboxes lock in different ways.

The Black Dog range features an enhanced level of security, with two keys for one lock. These toolboxes are produced via rotational moulding. This gives the toolbox a constant thickness, providing an impressive structural advantage. The Black Dog range comes in a selection of different sizes, making it suitable for a range of vehicles and specifications.

The Origin truck/trailer toolbox features a traditional “t- locking handle” which helps to secure the contents of your toolbox. We believe security should be treated as a priority as it ensures your tools are safe and protected from thieves, so making sure your toolbox is secure is highly important! The Origin plastic toolbox for trucks also comes in a selection of different sizes.

Another range which utilizes magnetic locking is the Mother Trucker range, which boasts a magnet activated locking lever.  With an enveloping door and double release lever locking system, this black toolbox for a truck offers greater security and reliability.

Are truck toolboxes waterproof?

They are - all vehicle toolboxes are designed with durability and water protection in mind. Therefore, they are designed to be waterproof ensuring an added layer of protection for your tools to prevent water, dust or other substances from getting inside. This makes them perfect if you are working outside and are concerned about rain, or other liquids getting into your toolbox and causing damage to the contents.

Are truck toolboxes protective?

Yes, many toolboxes are shock resistant, meaning they are well prepared for intense situations. The heavy-duty, durable nature of the toolboxes mean tools and equipment will be protected whilst in transit, and are able to withstand harsh weather conditions with ease. Platform supports or brackets are even available for a selection of toolboxes, helping to keep them in place and allowing you to fully optimize the space in your truck.

Which truck toolbox is best for me?

We have a wide selection of toolboxes to discover, and have something suitable for a range of needs. Consider how much you are looking to store, and how and where this will be accessed. Ensure it is the right size for your vehicle too, depending on how much free space you have in your vehicle. Generally fitting a truck toolbox is fairly straightforward.

If you need help finding the right toolbox for you, or for any other queries, please complete our contact form, call us on 01922 471000 or email us at [email protected].

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