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The Innovative, Weld-Free Mudguard Wing Stay: Toobee

Conventional wing stays come with their own challenges for fleet operators and manufacturers due to their welded joints. Repeated vibration and stress often lead to cracks, resulting in repairs and replacements, compromising performance and durability over time.

Boasting over 60 years of experience in the truck and trailer industry, strategic partner, LAGO Accessori, has engineered an innovative solution to preserve the integrity of mudguards.

Toobee is a patented, all in one design that revolutionises the industry with its weld-free construction and unparalleled reliability.

Stop winging it – Choose Toobee

Durability and strength: Enhancing vehicle longevity
Ease of installation: Simplified process minimising fitting time
Cost effectiveness: Long term savings and value for money
Quality control: Ensuring the highest standards

Made without welds, they’re more resistant to corrosion, withstanding 480 hours of salt spray testing to standard ISO 9227. Offering greater resistance to stress and corrosion, they provide an incomparable advantage over conventional wing stays.

Don’t compromise on performance and longevity - choose Toobee for unmatched robustness. Make Toobee a part of your fleet today. For more information, call us on 01922 471 000 or email us at [email protected].

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