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Fuel price increase and how to prevent theft

With the ongoing political conflicts, prices of fuel have recently reached a record high, reporting to go up even further to £2/litre. The spike in fuel prices will worsen the cost-of-living crisis, create fuel shortages, and increase fuel theft.

New red diesel rules as of April 1st will also have a huge impact, possibly costing companies thousands. This new change means red diesel will be used for limited purposes only, including agricultural vehicles and machinery. With red diesel prices already rising, further price increases are forecasted in April.

Protecting your fuel has never been more important - but what fuel management system should you use?

Protect your fuel – try Genesis

LAGO Genesis is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, part of the LAGO Group, designing mechanical and electronic devices and systems dedicated to protecting, controlling, and managing fuel.

With a dedicated, versatile product range, Genesis provides unparalleled protection with effectively engineered solutions that safeguard operations and costs. Genesis is forging the future with responsible, sustainable, and innovative devices, reducing waste, and achieving savings.

Get in touch today to find out how LAGO Genesis can protect your fuel
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