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Vehicle conspicuity tape is a high visibility marking tape designed for heavy goods vehicles to conform with ECE 104 regulations. Newly registered HGVs over 7.5 tonnes and trailers over 3.5 tonnes in the UK and EU are required to be fitted with tape. Available in colours red, white, and yellow in roll widths of 50mm.

Is Conspicuity tape a legal requirement?
ECE 104 is an EU law introduced in July 2011, establishing guidelines for the use of reflective tape on heavy goods vehicles. Conspicuity tape must clearly outline the rear and sides of the vehicle up to 1000 metres in low light conditions. All reflective tape must carry the ‘E’ mark to show it has met the minimum regulation requirements.

• Excellent reflectivity
• Easy to apply
• Excellent adhesion
• Durable

Where should vehicle conspicuity tape be used?
• Front of the Vehicle (White)

• Side of the Vehicle (Yellow or White) - There are two marking options: complete or partial contour with partial contour markings being the minimum requirement. Markings should equate to at least 80% of length of the vehicle (excluding cab) or length of the trailer (excluding drawbar). The length of the upper corner marking tape must be a minimum of 250mm in each direction.

• Rear of the vehicle (Red or Yellow) - A complete contour line marking (box) needs to be applied if the vehicle is wider than 2100mm. This should be applied as close to the edge of the vehicle as possible, equating to at least 80% of the overall width.

*The Department for Transport states that UK preference for colours is yellow to the side and red to the rear*

Types of reflective tape
• Continuous for rigid bodies (Available in red, white, and amber)
• Segmented for curtain sides (Available in white and amber)
• Segmented for tankers (Available in red and white)

Application information
Material must be applied when the air and surface temperature is between 15 and 38 degrees to assure proper adhesive bonding. Surfaces must be cleaned for all grease, oil and dirt. Use a clean towel and isopropyl alcohol or similar, to wipe the surface before application.

Is the tape resistant to high pressure cleaning?
When using high pressure cleaning equipment, the following conditions should be applied:
• Wait 72 hours before first wash
• Maximum pressure 80 bar
• Maximum temperature 60 degrees
• Minimum 50 cm distance and a 90 degree angle(+/- 5°) of cleaning jet from sheeting surface
• The cleaner must be wet, non-abrasive, without strong solvents

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