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Albert Jagger blow competitors away with new vent to market

CentaFlow leaves competitors in a spin. Due to a lack of automotive innovation from the leading ventilation manufacturers, it was no surprise Albert Jagger decided to develop their own, more robust and better performing ventilation system. Featuring superior components, better-performing bearings and an integrated neoprene sealing gasket to prevent rain, dust or any seepage easing any worries regarding debris ingress and still allowing for a higher airflow capacity – not bad for a ‘small’ manufacturer and supplier.

It’s no surprise they tried to stop us…

Independently tested and verified by HORIBA MIRA Ltd, the extraction rates were measured using a CentaFlow ventilator fitted to the roof of a VW Caddy exposed to different air speeds in a wind tunnel in comparison to the market leader’s ventilator. Centaflow outperformed in all conditions tested – see for yourself below;

Vents Speed (mph) Extracted Volumetric Flow rate (l/s)
CentaFlow 70 20.1
  60 17.2
  50 14.3
  40 11.3
Without restriction cover 71.3 22.3
Market leading ventilator 70 19.6
  60 16.5
  51 13.3
  42.5 11.1
Without restriction cover 71.3 21.4

​Unlike anything in the market, the CentaFlow utilises premium Singapore NMB 608Z bearings to help create an increase in airflow whilst reducing operating noise levels. Albert Jagger’s CentaFlow also provides ventilation for longer periods even in the event of the vehicle remaining stationary, as long as the wind speed achieves approximately 5-10mph.

Designed for quick and easy installation, the CentaFlow can be fitted in less than 30 minutes with M8 fixing bolts supplied to suit vehicle roofs of different thicknesses. The pre-assembled ventilator is equipped with fitting instructions to allow for stress-free installation. The CentaFlow guide indicator on the vent plate allows for correct mounting to enable rain water dispersal towards the rear of the vehicle.

As CentaFlow is a wind-powered ventilator it requires no electrical connections resulting in zero additional running costs whilst providing reliable, maintenance-free performance.

CentaFlow should be considered essential where ventilation is necessary. When ‘Dangerous Goods’ are being transported, ventilation is typically mandatory as a duty of care to drivers and their environment. Extracting potential hazardous fumes, chemicals, flammable gases, excessive heat, condensation and odours, removing any exposure to unnecessary risks. Regulation of the extraction capacity can be achieved via the adjustable open/close internal shutter.

Well suited to almost every application including trailers, animal transportation vehicles, specified for converters and bodybuilders, CentaFlow is a ventilator you really can afford to fit.

Albert Jagger have over 130 years of experience working with the commercial vehicle industry and CentaFlow is just one of many products they have bought to market using their individual and unique knowledge to offer their customers an alternative option.

Always supplying quality without compromise.

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