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Accuride Ball Bearing Slides Explained…

A new 80 page, detailed guide to ball bearing slides has been published by our strategic partners at Accuride. Available to download, the full colour e-book ‘What.How.When - Ball bearing slides explained’ takes you through all the key stages and considerations before fitting the correct drawer slide.

With over 50 years of experience of drawer slide design and manufacture, Accuride recognise that not everyone knows all the technical information involved. Therefore, a whole range of questions and answers have been collated into one comprehensive reference guide.

Included in the guide is a jargon busting glossary explaining the different terminology used to describe the various components and design features such as materials, lengths, soft-close, hold-out and lock-out. It also goes onto describe key considerations when choosing the correct slide such as side space, load rating, drawer depth and understanding the different slide extension options.

As you would expect from a comprehensive guide there are answers to some common problems associated with ball bearing slides with solutions to racking, ball migration and inching explained in detail.

Accuride have been at the forefront in the design and manufacture of telescopic slides and access and movement systems since 1962. They have an enviable global reputation for engineering excellence and outstanding product design, offering design solutions that come from a deep understanding of industry requirements. When selecting the correct ball bearing slides for an application, a number of variables need to be considered. Selecting the wrong slide can lead to potential failures.

Accuride's telescopic slides are built into many industrial applications such as commercial and industrial machinery, electronic units and test equipment, and into a variety of transport applications such as emergency vehicles and trucks as well as aircraft, trains, ships and boats.

We at Albert Jagger can provide off the shelf telescopic slides from the Quick Ship™ programme or advise in the design and manufacture of application specific custom slides.

Download 'What.How.When' - Ball bearing slides explained' e-book here

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