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A guide to the CentaFlow™ range

What is a CentaFlow™?
CentaFlow™ is a range of wind powered rotary ventilators designed to deliver superior results whilst maintaining high quality without comprising on performance. CentaFlow™ is a trademark of Albert Jagger Limited.

How to fit a CentaFlow
Designed for quick and easy installation, CentaFlow™ can be fitted in less than 30 minutes. Fittings and instructions included within each box. Ventilators should be fitted to the strongest section of the roof and towards the rear end of the vehicle

Which CentaFlow model to buy
• Small vehicles – CentaFlow™
• Larger vehicles – CentaFlow™ Low Profile or CentaFlow™ Classic
• Vehicles with roof racks - CentaFlow™ Low Profile has been specifically designed to fit under vehicles with roof racks due to its low profile of 68mm.

Why choose a CentaFlow
• No need for electrical connections
• Zero additional running costs
• Maintenance free performance
• Stress-free installation
• Reduced operating noise levels

What can the CentaFlow™ extract?
• Hazardous fumes
• Flammable gasses
• Chemicals
• Excessive heat
• Condensation
• Odours

Legal requirements for roof ventilators
CentaFlow™ ventilators should be considered essential where ventilation is necessary when ‘Dangerous Goods’ are being transported. Ventilation is typically mandatory as a duty of care to drivers and their environment.

Have the CentaFlow ventilators been tested?
The CentaFlow™ and CentaFlow™ Low Profile have been independently tested and verified by HORIBA MIRA Ltd, the extraction rates were measured by fitting the ventilators to the roof of a VW Caddy exposed to different air speeds in a wind tunnel. Extraction rates may vary depending on positioning on the vehicle, size of the vehicle and weather conditions.

  Extracted Volumetric Flow Rate (l/s)
Speed (mph) CentaFlow™ CentaFlow™ Low Profile
70 20.1 24.58
60 17.2 21.05
50 14.3 18.05
40 11.3 13.96

What are the CentaFlow™ part numbers?
CentaFlow™ Classic
2527/004 – Black
2527/005 – White

2527/111 – Black
2527/222 – White

CentaFlow™ Low Profile
2527/006 – Black
2527/007 – White

Our range of ventilators can be found here.


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