Brands Albert Jagger Work With

As well as working with our own in-house design and manufacturing teams to develop new hardware and components, Albert Jagger works with some of the biggest suppliers in the world of components and fittings. By working with a range of brands, we can offer our customers one the biggest product portfolios in the industry.

Brands Albert Jagger Work With

CentaFlow™ is a range of wind powered rotary ventilators designed to deliver superior results whilst maintaining high quality without comprising on performance. CentaFlow™ is a trademark of Albert Jagger Limited.

The range of wind-powered ventilators, require no electrical connections resulting in zero additional running costs whilst providing reliable, maintenance-free performance. Well suited to almost every application including trailers, animal transportation vehicles, specified for converters and bodybuilders.

Albert Jagger have over 130 years of experience working with the commercial vehicle industry and CentaFlow is just one of many products they have bought to market using their individual and unique knowledge to offer their customers an alternative option.

Brands Albert Jagger Work With

GENESIS has accumulated a deep understanding of fuel protection in the road transport sector. Expressed in single products and combined solutions, GENESIS sets the benchmark where fuel proves too precious to be left to chance.

Using state of the art production standards, GENESIS combines simplicity with effectiveness within their 100% made in Italy product line. Providing effectively engineered solutions to the transport industry, GENESIS safeguards operations by protecting and managing fuel, preventing theft, and increasing efficiency.

Brands Albert Jagger Work With

With over 50 years’ experience manufacturing a range of bodywork solutions, Indescar are known for their commitment to deliver according to the needs of customers. Recognised by companies around the world, they have built a global reputation for providing the highest quality products for industrial vehicles.

Supported by their in-house R&D department, Indescar can create and adapt products to customer requirements. Keeping up with the latest technologies and investment in research and development allows Indescar to maintain their position as market leaders.

​Boasting a comprehensive product range suitable for the transport market including trailers, rigid trucks, and box vans. The range includes locking systems, door gears, door hinges and accessories.

Brands Albert Jagger Work With

Since 1922 Ojop have been involved in the manufacture of over centre fasteners and have earned a global reputation which is synonymous with Swedish engineering quality and reliability.

Through a global network of long established, market specific, distributors, Ojop supply a diverse range of standard quick release fasteners to numerous industries.

Key features of all Ojop products include rapid mounting and dismantling of various elements with high strength capabilities. This allows all products to meet the most stringent demands of permanent installation making them highly durable and shock-resistant, therefore, ideal for rugged environments.

Brands Albert Jagger Work With

PINET have been manufacturing engineered products for a wide range of industrial applications for the past six generations, establishing themselves as a leading European manufacturer of over 2,000 standard and custom-made products.

Managing the whole design to delivery process in-house, Pinet’s team of design engineers utilise the latest in CAD software and 3D rapid prototyping to evaluate design integrity. All products are then exposed to extensive testing within the research and development department.

Working closely with our partners at Pinet, we continue to build on strengthening our product portfolio in order to offer an increasingly versatile range of industrial hardware to OEM’s across the UK.

Brands Albert Jagger Work With

TEAL have specialised in designing and developing mobile and portable hot water sinks and basins since 1959 by providing exactly the right facilities where mains fresh water and drainage are non-existent.

Enabling customers to have a highly effective and hygienic hot water hand wash under hot running water no matter where they are.

TEAL’s success springs from the highly developed skills and experience of TEAL engineers to meet customers’ needs from an innovative product range of mobile sinks. The unique TEAL design and development facility means the introduction of new and innovative products for ever widening user requirements.

Brands Albert Jagger Work With

Accuride has been at the forefront in the design and manufacture of telescopic slides and access and movement systems since 1962, with an enviable global reputation for engineering excellence and outstanding product design.

Accuride's in-house testing facilities enable stringent control to determine whether a slide performs well in a specific application or installation. These tests are designed to relate to the actual conditions a product is likely to be subjected to in its working environment, simulating normal functional use, as well as acceptable misuse.

Accuride's telescopic slides are built into many industrial applications such as commercial and industrial machinery, and into a variety of transport applications such as emergency vehicles and trucks as well as aircrafttrainsships and boats.


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