Off-Highway & Construction

With over 10,000 products across all of our ranges of commercial vehicle fittings, Albert Jagger will have the right products for you. The versatility and flexibility of our operations mean that our products are used in a multitude of applications from commercial vehicles through to military aircraft.

Not many industries can be as harsh and challenging as off-highway and construction vehicles and the environments in which they operate. Here at Albert Jagger, we have the experience and expertise to supply and manufacture only the best construction and off-highway vehicle components to keep your vehicle operating.

Construction sites and environments such as quarries present a lot of hazards and areas of danger so it is important that all parts of the vehicle are able to withstand the harsh surroundings.

At Albert Jagger, we only use the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that our products can be relied on. Working closely with our strategic partners we also make sure that our customers only receive the best products from the biggest brands around the world.

Albert Jagger understands that our products provide some of the vital safety and security aspects of any vehicle. Parts such as the lights, hinges, locks and latches are paramount to the safety of the end-users and parts of the highest quality give peace of mind to our customers.

All of the products that we supply and manufacture are built to last and where applicable conform to the latest legislation. They are able to withstand the elements, strong vibrations and heavy lifting so they are able to perform their tasks without fail.

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