Marine Surface Preparation

With over 10,000 products across all of our ranges of commercial vehicle fittings, Albert Jagger will have the right products for you. The versatility and flexibility of our operations mean that our products are used in a multitude of applications from commercial vehicles through to military aircraft.

A versatile range of innovative chemicals provide a vital component for advanced surface preparation.

For optimised cross-linking between the substrate and the adhesive compound to take place, it is imperative that meticulous preparation of the substrate surface takes place.

A full range of extremely efficient wipes and cleaners are available for most applications where elimination of all contaminants such as rust, dirt, grease or oil is required to provide a sound surface prior to priming. These are supported by a set carefully formulated primers and activators to suit a whole spectrum of substrates typically found in use in the modern-day boat yard.

Note: Due to diversity of substrates, preliminary testing is always recommended.

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