Marine Structural Bonding

With over 10,000 products across all of our ranges of commercial vehicle fittings, Albert Jagger will have the right products for you. The versatility and flexibility of our operations mean that our products are used in a multitude of applications from commercial vehicles through to military aircraft.

With continuous advancements in chemical technology, modern structural adhesives continuously outperform more traditional boat building production methods which involve mechanical fasteners, taping or marine putty. All of which, invariably, produce a rigid brittle joint. With continuous flexing and high impact forces experienced by many marine components we’re seeing an increasing demand for flexible structural adhesives that combine exceptional tolerance to extreme shear and tear forces with high mechanical adhesion strength.

Many of the Kömmerling Marine products offer permanent elasticity, which uniformly distributes any dynamic stresses along the full length of the joint line whilst absorbing oscillation, vibration and any high impact forces found on many ocean-going vessels.

Typical applications requiring high-performance structural adhesives include deck to hull, keel to hull, fly bridges to deck bulkheads and the bonding of reinforcing grids to hull shells.

Note: Due to diversity of substrates, preliminary testing is always recommended.

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